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Press Release: Rebranding and Renewal.

The D20 Girls Project has been a long roller-coaster of a ride. Through its proverbial doors, we have welcomed some of the most talented and wonderful ladies to ever step foot into the gaming industry. When we first started on this journey back in 2005 women were, but a side note in the gaming/geek culture, almost like a myth. They exist… but were always classified as a stereotype or even as rare as a unicorn. A movement began inside of a small state-based gaming group in Ohio, the women of the group wanted to push for more women to get involved and be more predominant in the gaming culture and the industry itself. And so, The D20 Girls Project was born.

Over the next few years, we saw a phenomenon take place, people sent in applications to join from all over the USA, even Alaska, and Hawaii. We were booming with new chapters and soon The D20 Girls we know at most major and medium-sized conventions throughout the US. And, by 2012 what we had set out to do what achieved. Women in Gaming and the geek culture were no longer myths or stereotypes, the industry knew them and saw them for what they were strong independent women with not only beauty but brains also most of whom could easily out-game any of their male counterparts. And that is exactly what each one of you is, and what each one of you represents.
However, for the past few years, there has been both drama and success, new ideas and old that have grown and even a few have prospered.

But the truth is our recent direction has been unfocused and scattered. The original purpose for this group was accomplished in spades. So we will continue to offer opportunities to many of the girls that still want to be a part of something. Under the leadership of Angela Nicole Holbrook and myself, we are happy to present The Nurdmedia Project (commonly referred to just as Nurdmedia). It is time we put to rest the old way that we did things, no more chapters, no more state managers, just one organized team of people working together regardless of where they may live.

Under this rebranding and consolidation of projects, we will continue offering opportunities for girls in Journalism, Public Relations, Press coverage, management, graphic design, and more. We will still be petitioning conventions for press passes and as we grow a little more setting up booths at conventions again while focusing our efforts we will do this together as a team and carve a new path through the industry that we love!

- Jack R Stewart
- Managing Partner
- Nurdcon LLC