My Geekiest Holiday

May 17, 2017

Every January I write a few things on my calendar for the year; my birthday, my mom’s birthday, and Free Comic Book Day. The first Saturday in May has become one of my all time favorite holidays, and being able to work in a comic shop to celebrate Free Comic Book Day has made it even more special.

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Logan Movie Review

March 10, 2017

To be honest, and despite the hype, I walked into this film with very low expectations. Don’t misunderstand, I was a fan of X-Men growing up and collected the comics for many years. However, I wasn’t as much a fan Continue reading

Goldie Vance Issue #9

February 8, 2017

Happy Black history month and of course, Valentine’s Day!

Now, I’ll admit before starting this review, I wouldn’t have given this kind of comic a second look. However, when my eyes landed on the Boom!Box label, I had to look Continue reading