Anime Midwest With Friends

August 7, 2016

I have been going to anime conventions for nearly 10 years, I’ve done major conventions in my state, I’ve road tripped to other parts of the country for cons, and I’ve even thrown my hand in at working for cons. I may not be a convention expert, but I have experience. 

Anime Midwest is one of the few anime conventions I attended in the past year, others in the schedule being skipped to focus on work or family. Anime Midwest is the right combination of local and within my budget. This year it also was a perfect chance for me to spend time with friends. 

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Are Side Game Important to the Main Series?

July 26, 2016
Are side games important to the main series? The short answer? Yes.
The long answer? Well, that’s where it gets a bit complicated. Everyone has their own opinion about side games, but most seem to settle around the consensus that yes, side games are important and necessary in their own ways.

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ACen 2016 – An Outlook on Our Community’s Future

July 9, 2016

Deanne and I were riding in a shuttle bus to our hotel the first night of ACen 2016. We had gotten our badges, wandered around the vendor hall, and made plans to change outfits before heading back out for some panel sessions. We eagerly waited for our shuttle bus driver to pick us up.

Deanne and I were dressed fairly “normal” in comparison to many convention goers that day. Shortly after getting in the bus, we drove past many ACen attendees wearing various cosplays from their favorite anime and such. Almost immediately after seeing these cosplayers, the bus driver turns to us and says: “What scares me, is these kids will be running the country in 20 years.”

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Convention Review: Acen 2016

July 5, 2016

Every year, I always look forward to going to Anime Central. I mean, -every year.-

Anime Central, is one of the largest Anime conventions of the Midwest, hosting an average of over 30 thousand warm bodies every year. I have Continue reading

Gary Con VIII

March 17, 2016

Gary Gygax–Gone but not forgotten

Gary Con is a unique convention completely devoted to table top gaming. Their website header boasts of being “one of the best kept secrets in gaming.” And it really is when you think of the fact that most Wisconsin residents don’t even know that Lake Geneva is where the magic that is Dungeons & Dragons began. Gary Con is aptly named for the Father of Role Playing Games, E. Gary Gygax. What began as a humble gathering of family and friends to play games in his honor following his March 4, 2008 passing has become quite the pilgrimage for gamers across the globe.

Hello from the birthplace of Dungeons & Dragons! I’ve been rolling D20s for almost as long as that concept has existed. I’m a confident Game Master at the conventions and attend them to meet other gamers and to try games I don’t usually play. While I can appreciate the evolution of the gaming world, to me being a gamer will always mean rolling dice and playing around a table. Anyone who says gamers aren’t social has obviously never met me.
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