My Geekiest Holiday

May 17, 2017

Every January I write a few things on my calendar for the year; my birthday, my mom’s birthday, and Free Comic Book Day. The first Saturday in May has become one of my all time favorite holidays, and being able to work in a comic shop to celebrate Free Comic Book Day has made it even more special.

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Celebrate March 14th!Al

March 15, 2017

For those who don’t know, March 14th is quite a significant day for us nerds. Not only is it Pi Day, but its also alse Albert Einstein’s birthday.

Pi Day is to celebrate the never ending number, Pi. It is Continue reading

Logan Movie Review

March 10, 2017

To be honest, and despite the hype, I walked into this film with very low expectations. Don’t misunderstand, I was a fan of X-Men growing up and collected the comics for many years. However, I wasn’t as much a fan Continue reading

Happy Darwin Day

February 12, 2017

If you’re tired of the same old February holidays( ahem, Valentine’s Day), then maybe you should consider adding International Darwin Day to your calendar. Darwin day is a day celebrating, of course, Charles Darwin.

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