Upcoming Games of 2017

January 28, 2017

Someone save me. 2017 has just got underway and there are already more first quarter release scheduled games than funds to pay for them. Does anyone out there have contacts in the Black Market organ trade? I’ve got a kidney that’s hardly been used. Only a few benders between friends, and an energy drink or two… Near mint condition, honest!

I’m very unique and creative. I’m a gamer, an animal lover, a computer geek, and an overall geek! ;p I usually have a smile on my face, and I like to find the good in everything.

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PS5 Rumors and GTA 4 Update

December 30, 2016

With the sudden influx of interest in 4K capabilities, Sony and Microsoft have scrambled to release their “4k capable” consoles. There have long been rumors concerning Microsoft’s “Project Scorpio”, but last month Sony had its own news. Rumors were flying Continue reading

Let’s Play: Retro Quake-I Call SHOTGUN

August 31, 2016

Who remembers the original Quake? In honor of QuakeCon D20 Girl Neukin has brought us a short play through of Quake. Quake is available on Steam, if interested you can click this link http://store.steampowered.com/app/2310/. Quake is developed and published by Continue reading

Drafting for Fantasy LCS

August 25, 2016

For a run down of what Fantasy League of Legends is, refer back to my first article here.

Fantasy LCS starts with the drafting phase. The drafting phase is where you begin to set up a team that will score you points throughout the season. While players can be traded and swapped anytime during the season, it is critical to select players that will fill in your team well and prevent other competitors from picking those players. Below are helpful hints and selections about the drafting process in Fantasy LCS.

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