The 100 Season 4 Premier Review

February 2, 2017

Ahhhh the 100 is back!!! Okay, whew I had to get that out of my system. Just to make sure you know, this is going to have some spoilers…sorry! I’ll do my best to keep it to a minimum though. But if you did not watch last nights season 4 premier, you might want to wait until you have, before you continue reading this.

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Nerdy Crafts for the New Year

January 30, 2017

Everyone out there has at least one New Year’s Resolution, and I can’t bet that at least one of them has to do with spending more time relaxing! What better way to relax in a way you can express your nerdy self and make something all new? I’m going to talk about nerdy crafts anyone can take up and make tons of nerdy goodies!

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Upcoming Games of 2017

January 28, 2017

Someone save me. 2017 has just got underway and there are already more first quarter release scheduled games than funds to pay for them. Does anyone out there have contacts in the Black Market organ trade? I’ve got a kidney that’s hardly been used. Only a few benders between friends, and an energy drink or two… Near mint condition, honest!

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Upcoming Movies of 2017!

January 19, 2017

Every year it seems that Hollywood keeps pumping out films that have us all jazzed to go to the theaters! And this year is no exception, there is an absolutely stellar lineup of geek films that are sure to make Continue reading