Amazon Alexa vs. Google Home

May 6, 2017

It’s been a few years now that Amazon came out with their Echo and Echo Dot loaded with the naturally interactive Alexa. In response, Google has upgraded their voice assistant, and produced Google Home. So, which one of these is Continue reading

TV News Around the Web-o-sphere

September 11, 2015

September, the beginning of fall, as well as the beginning and end of some of our favorite and a few newly-found shows and movies. Here’s your update so you don’t have to worry about what you’re missing.

Bookworm from the get-go, my hobbies took that small leap and spread into puzzles, video games, comic books, horror, and anime/manga as I got older. I love new projects, such as my current ‘Drink Me’ Alice in Wonderland bottles, and they always pertain or a tribute to something ‘nerdy’.
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