My Geekiest Holiday

May 17, 2017

Every January I write a few things on my calendar for the year; my birthday, my mom’s birthday, and Free Comic Book Day. The first Saturday in May has become one of my all time favorite holidays, and being able to work in a comic shop to celebrate Free Comic Book Day has made it even more special.

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TV News Around the Web-o-sphere

September 11, 2015

September, the beginning of fall, as well as the beginning and end of some of our favorite and a few newly-found shows and movies. Here’s your update so you don’t have to worry about what you’re missing.

Bookworm from the get-go, my hobbies took that small leap and spread into puzzles, video games, comic books, horror, and anime/manga as I got older. I love new projects, such as my current ‘Drink Me’ Alice in Wonderland bottles, and they always pertain or a tribute to something ‘nerdy’.
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