The D20 Girls Project is a non-profit organization that combats the negative portrayal of women in geek culture by empowering women who identify as fans of various nerd industries. The D20 Girls Project is committed to creating opportunities for women and strengthening the nerd community.

Company Overview
The D20 girls promote a positive image of female geeks and nerds through community outreach and volunteer work while helping to provide positive female geek role models and a strong support network for our members.

The D20 Girls is a unique organization that combines Social Networking, Educational Programs, Community Outreach and Event Services.

There are many benefits to becoming a D20 Girl!

1.) Involvement in the industry.
2.) Volunteer at conventions.
3.) Develop a strong support network.
4.) Strengthen your local community.
5.) Learn more about fandoms, both new and old.
6.) Opportunities for experience

If you are interested in applying, here is what we are looking for.

1.) Interest in, or generally a love of, a nerd fandom. Or multiple fandoms. It’s so hard to choose.
2.) Must be 16 or older, but if you’re under 18 then your legal guardian must approve your application.
3.) Ability to attend local events.

We are active in almost every state across the USA & are always looking for more people that want to be involved!